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Laptops for Schools

Note: All donated equipment will need be of an age/spec which will enable it to; browse internet pages, play video streams & conduct webcam face-to-face time using Zoom, Teams, Skype etc.
Laptops, for example, should be typically newer than 2010 (Windows 7 or later).
Donor's Details
Equipment Details

Are you able to deliver the item(s) to us?
Items being delivered can be dropped off at the Food Bank House at the following address;

Foodbank House
(Old Caretakers' House)
18A Benbow Close
NN11 4JP

Volunteers are onsite on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday mornings from 10am to 12.30pm

Donation Terms & Conditions
Vineyard Community Church, Daventry:
• will ensure that any data-bearing parts in these devices will be wiped or destroyed.
• will not attempt to view or retrieve any data on these devices at any time during the recommissioning process.
• will repurpose all suitable equipment for reuse .
• will take ownership of donated equipment once this form has been signed and the equipment received.
• will ensure that all equipment not suitable for repurposing in the project will be responsibly disposed of.
• will only donate equipment you fully own or are legally responsible for.
• will not donate equipment upon which there is an outstanding finance agreement or loan.
• agree to transfer ownership of the device(s) to "Vineyard Community Church, Daventry".
• agree not to make any claims against "Vineyard Community Church, Daventry" or any people connected with it in regard to any of the equipment listed.

Data Protection
The personal information collected in this form WILL NOT be shared with or used by any other company or organisation. Neither will it be used for any purpose not relating to this donation of equipment.

By signing this form you agree to the terms and conditions above and confirm you have the authority to donate the equipment listed.

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